A landscape made for giants.

Explorer Express, the Two Islands in 15 Days.

A circuit that allows to discover the two islands, but which imposes a good timing.

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Kiwipal Guide.

$ 2,270 (ATI)
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Your Trip Day by Day.

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Here are the steps of the journey with available activities.

For each day, you can book the campsite and activities of your choice. You book online and save 30% of the travel price.

How to book online?
With nearly a third of the country's population gathered in the same location, Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. It is also, according to the Mercer Index, the second most enjoyable city in the world.

Free day




Hotel or bed & breakfast.

An entire day in the biggest city of the country to recover from jet lag. Climb to the top of the Sky Tower, enjoy the beaches and museums. There are even shuttles to the volcanic island of Rangitoto.

Book camping for this nightGuide Auckland
The unique feature of Waitomo caves is the presence of millions of glowworms.

End of the morning


Waitomo Caves

Auckland Waitomo

220 km (2h35)

Descend the underground river aboard a boat and gaze at the vault studded with glow-worms. Explore the Ruakuri and Aranui stalactite caves.

Book camping for this nightGuide Waitomo Caves
Rotorua was originally a spa town and the famous Rotorua Museum was a health center. This activity has not disappeared and the region has many specialized institutes.

End of the day



Waitomo Rotorua

145 km (1h50)

You sleep in the motorhome.

The arrival at Rotorua at the end of the day leaves time to admire the lake and the gardens of Goverment Garden. After dinner, you can observe the kiwi babies at the Rainbow Springs Park.

Book camping for this nightGuide Rotorua
Champagne Pool is the main attraction of the Wai-o-tapu geothermal park. Bubbles of gas reach the surface of a burning water loaded with arsenic.

Free day



You sleep in the motorhome.

The geothermal park of Wai-o-tapu and the geysers of the region await you. Discover the Maori culture in the Rotorua Museum and explore the Redwoods Forest.

Book camping for this nightGuide Rotorua
It is estimated that the Huka Falls could fill two Olympic swimming pools per second!

Early morning


Huka Falls

Rotorua Huka Falls

75 km (1h)

Walk up the Waikato River to a fall that can fill an Olympic swimming pool per second. Taste giant prawns and visit the craters of the moon!

Book camping for this nightGuide Huka Falls
One tends to forget that the Tongariro is located in a national park. I hope you will have the chance to admire the sunset over the valley!

Late afternoon


Tongariro Crossing

Huka Falls Ohakune

145 km (1h45)

You sleep in the motorhome.

Cross the fascinating desert of the Tongariro National Park to reach the town of Ohakune. Rest before tomorrow's great walk.

Book camping for this nightGuide Tongariro Crossing
It's vety difficult to determine New Zealand's most beautiful hike. But if only one-day walks are taken into account, then the Tongariro Crossing deserves the palm.

Full day excursion


Tongariro Crossing

You sleep in the motorhome.

New Zealand's most famous trek crosses a desert, climbs to the summit of a volcano, descend to turquoise lakes and ends in a refreshing rainforest.

Book camping for this nightGuide Tongariro Crossing
Wellington became the capital of New Zealand when rumors of secession from the South Island began to circulate. People opted for Wellington for its central location and its closest proximity to the South Island.




Tongariro Wellington

285 km (3h30)

You sleep in the motorhome.

Discover the capital of New Zealand. Visit Peter Jackson's studios, stroll through Cuba Street and do not miss the great Te Papa museum and its Maori art collections.

Book camping for this nightGuide Wellington
The plane is a convenient way to go from one island to another. Most of the tourists use the Ferry which crossess several times a day.

Departure at the end of the morning



Ferry Crossing

Wellington Abel Tasman

270 km (3h10 de ferry + 2h40 de route)

You sleep in the motorhome.

The magnificent ferry crossing to reach Picton on the South Island. The rest of the journey takes you to Motueka in the Abel Tasman National Park. At nightfall, observe the glowworms in the forest.

Book camping for this night
Kayaking is the best means of transport in a park that does not have roads. But you can also borrow the taxi boats to move from one beach to another.

Free day


Abel Tasman

You sleep in the motorhome.

The Paradise of New Zealand. Learn the kayak and meet the fur seals of Tonga Island. Orange sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons await lovers of sunbathing.

Book camping for this nightGuide Abel Tasman
The Pancake Rocks are 33 million years old rocks sculpted by erosion and weather.



Pancake Rocks

Abel Tasman Pancake Rocks

265 km (3h10)

You sleep in the motorhome.

These strange cliffs give birth to prodigious geysers. Follow an ancient trail of gold seekers into a Jurassic Park canyon.

Book camping for this nightGuide Pancake Rocks
It is rare to be able to visit a glacier because they are often inaccessible. But the Fox Glacier descends to sea level and has caves of blue ice.


DAY 10

Fox Glacier

Pancake Rocks Fox Glacier

240 km (3h)

You sleep in the motorhome.

Hiking in the forest to reach a glacier that descends into the valley. Explore the blue ice caves with a mountain guide.

Book camping for this nightGuide Fox Glacier
The dark water of the lake and its ideal position reflect the whole valley. It is still necessary to enjoy the good weather (rather rare in this region).

Early morning

DAY 11

Lake Matheson

Fox Glacier Lac Matheson

5 km (10 min)

Short stopover on the road to admire one of the most beautiful landscapes of the country. A path in the blue mushroom forest leads to Reflection Island. Admire the mountain that is reflected on the surface of the lake.

Book camping for this nightGuide Lake Matheson
The city of Queenstown is located on the South Island of New Zealand. It has the deserved reputation of being the world capital of adventure.


DAY 11


Lake Matheson Queenstown

339 km (4h16)

You sleep in the motorhome.

The ancient city of gold seekers has become the World capital of adventure. Discover the bungee jumping or summer luge rides in a breathtaking landscape!

Book camping for this nightGuide Queenstown

Free day

DAY 12


Hotel or bed & breakfast.

Hiking in the mountains that overlook the lake or enjoying a cruise aboard an authentic steamboat. You even have time to drive along the most beautiful road in the world to reach Glenorchy's Paradise Valley.

Book camping for this nightGuide Queenstown
Te Anau makes it possible to shorten travel time for excursions to Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound.

Late afternoon

DAY 12

Queenstown Te Anau

171 km (2h)

Hotel or bed & breakfast.

Te Anau will be your base camp for the next two days. The majestic lake shelters spectacular caves with glow worms.

Book camping for this night
The Mitre Peak culminates at 1696 meters above sea level and owes its name because of its pointed shape which evokes the headdress of a bishop. The mountain is visible as soon as you reach the parking lot.

End of morning + Afternoon

DAY 13

Milford Sound

Te Anau Milford Sound

236 km (3h aller-retour)

You sleep in the motorhome.

The Milford Sound is one of the most beautiful fjords in the world. A cruise explores this majestic place up to the Sea of Tasman where a colony of fur seals lives.

Book camping for this nightGuide Milford Sound
The city of Queenstown is located on the South Island of New Zealand. It has the deserved reputation of being the world capital of adventure.


DAY 13


Te Anau Queenstown

171 km (2h15)

Back to Queenstown in the evening, you should have enough time to have dinner and enjoy a stroll near the lake.

Book camping for this nightGuide Queenstown
Mt Aoraki / Cook is the highest peak in New Zealand. It is located on the South Island and culminates at 3754 meters.

End of the morning + Afternoon

DAY 14

Mount Cook

Queenstown Twizel

200 km (2h15)

You sleep in the motorhome.

Make a stopover at Lindis Pass before leaving your luggage at Twizel. Join the Hermitage Village to admire Mt Cook. Sail in among icebergs or hike in search of the mountain parrot.

Book camping for this nightGuide Mount Cook
The Botanical Garden covers 21 hectares and was spared by the earthquake.


DAY 15


Mount Cook Christchurch

285 km (3h20)

Last stage before the return flight, Christchurch in full reconstruction forces the admiration. The new buildings replace the ruins left by the earthquake and the third city of the country regains its charm.

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The advantage of a campervan?

If you are not an experienced driver and you have never driven a motorhome it is probably better to book a car instead. Especially since you drive to the left in the country and you will have to get used to it very quickly.

The motorhome allows to discover the country at a reasonable cost.

Visiting New Zealand in motorhome allows to save money, but it is mainly autonomy and freedom that attract travelers.

In a country where the weather is constantly changing, the campervan allows to modify the itinerary to avoid the rain.

Moreover, you do not have to unpack your luggage everyday, and it makes a big difference. Especially since the kitchen of the motorhome allows to cook meals and thus reduce even more the expenses of the stay.

There are different sizes of motorhome and the basic model is perfect for a couple. The other models can accommodate three, four and up to six passengers. Beyond, it will be necessary to consider renting an additional vehicle.

Should we buy the deductible?

Driving to the left with a motorhome can be a bit of a hassle, but you get used to it very quickly. Keeping the priority to the right.

Redeeming the franchise allows you to travel more serenely.

The deductible part corresponds to the amount that remains at your charge in case of accident.

The purchase of the deductible costs about 30 NZ dollars per day. In case of accident, you will not pay anything if you have subscribed this option.

Kiwipal recommends not skimping on this extra expense that can save your holidays.

This advice is all the more valuable if you have never driven a campervan until now.

In addition to reduce the risks, the offer often includes camping table and chairs, baby chair and a discount card for some campsites.

Questions & Answers.

Is it difficult to drive? I answer any question you may ask about motorhome driving on the roads of New Zealand.

Ask a question to Ben

  • Is the country suitable for camping-cars?

    New Zealand is the country of the camper van par excellence. A population of 4.5 million inhabitants spread over a territory as large as the United Kingdom. People needed a means of transport to compensate the small number of hotels, and it is the motorhome that New Zealanders prefer to drive.

  • Is it difficult to drive a motorhome?

    Your camper will be an automatic model and the only real difficulty will be to park in town. Just take your time and everything goes well. Have a companion go out to help you in the maneuver. As for the road, you should know that the speed is capped at 100 km / h throughout the country. This limit allows you to easily insert into the traffic.

  • Is it easy to drive in the country?

    It cannot be simpler! The road network is excellent, and traffic is low outside the cities. With the exception of office schedules in major cities, the country does not have traffic jams. However, you will sometimes be blocked by the passage of a herd of sheep...

  • What are the speed limits?

    The limit is set at 50 km / h in the city and 100 km / h in the rest of the country (including on the expressways).

  • How many passengers can accommodate the motorhome?

    The models are designed for 2, 3, 4 and 6 passengers. You are not allowed to board a number of passengers exceeding the capacity of the vehicle, otherwise the insurance will be broken.

  • Are campgrounds heated?

    The heating is sufficient to face the rigor of winter, you will have no problem about this, especially the rest of the year, even if the nights are cool.

  • Is there a shower in the motorhome?

    Yes, a small shower allows you to wash with hot water.

  • Is there water in the motorhome?

    You have a reserve that you must fulfill according to your consumption.

  • How will I learn how to use the motorhome?

    A visit is planned during which the entire operation of the motorhome is reviewed. You will be given a notice of the vehicle and a map of the country with the dump stations.

  • What is the budget for gasoline?

    One can expect a consumption of 10 cents per kilometer ($ 10 per hundred kilometers). Provide a 10% margin on your total route and you should be close to the account. Remember to fill up well before attacking a long journey, gasoline stations are not numerous outside agglomerations.

  • What is the autonomy of a motorhome?

    You will have to drain and renew the water tank every two or three days.

  • Is motorhome heated?

    Your motorhome is heated by gas. Gas bottles are recharged if necessary at gas stations with the symbol LPG.

  • Can we cook in the motorhome?

    Yes, you have two hotplates, a refrigerator and all necessary utensils. All you have to do is go shopping.

  • Should we bring blankets, sheets or quilts?

    No, this is part of the standard equipment of the motorhome. Of course, the laundry service runs between each rental.

  • Will I sleep well in a motorhome?

    If the comfort was unsatisfactory, this transport mode would not be as popular. It is difficult to give you a categorical answer, because it depends mainly on you. In general, feedback is positive.

  • Is it necessary to use dump station regularly?

    Depending on the model and your use, you have to empty the camper and fill the tank with water every two or three days.

  • Are there roads to avoid?

    Your insurance does not allow traffic on the 90-mile beach (a beach where driving is permitted at low tide). In winter you have to inquire at the information center (i-Site) before driving in mountain roads (especially on Cardrona Rd between Queenstown and Wanaka) because there may be ice storms. Dunedin owns Baldwin St (the steepest street in the world) and trying to drive a camper-van would be very risky. One just need to pay attention to road signs!

  • Are there insecurity problems in the country?

    New Zealand has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Thieves mainly target unoccupied motorhomes parked in nature. Do not let hang out visible business from the outside and keep your valuables on you as much as possible.

  • Should the motorhome be cleaned at the end of the stay?

    You do not have to wash the bed sheets, but you have to return the vehicle in the state where you found it.

Book your camping nights.

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