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Work and study in New Zealand with the working Holiday Visa.

How to Get a Working Holiday Visa?

The Working Holiday Visa is issued only to those who respect the procedure of the Ministry of Immigration. We present the steps to follow to get the precious visa to enjoy an extraordinary year in the land of the Kiwis.

  • Formalities

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Trek between friends in New Zealand

The Guide to Hiking in New Zealand.

From the great hike with the nights out in the open air, to the walks of a few hours, here is the complete guide to hiking in New Zealand. Not to mention the practical tips and equipment to take in your luggage.

  • Treks

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Book your motorhome for New Zealand without a travel agency.

How to Rent a Motorhome in New Zealand.

Motorhome is a synonym of freedom ... provided you follow our guide which details the driving on the roads of New Zealand and gives advice for the daily maintenance of the vehicle.

  • Transportation

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Book your car for New Zealand without a travel agency.

How to Rent a Car in New Zealand.

Our complete guide to rent a car model in New Zealand. From manual or automatic gearbox to gasoline consumption and insurance price comparison, nothing will be left to chance.

  • Transportation

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Discover the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand for rest and fun.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in New Zealand.

Paradisiac beaches of fine white sand, others black as volcanic rock and sometimes even orange! New Zealand has a huge variety of multi colored beaches stretching on thousands of miles.

  • Beaches

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The minivan is ideal to visit the country while looking for work.

What Transports for a Working Holiday Visa?

Do you need to buy or rent a vehicle? Is it possible to travel by bus, plane or train? So many questions that we have studied so that you can control your budget.

  • Transports

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Mountain bike ride on a trail in New Zealand.

The Guide of the Mountain Bike in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a paradise for cyclists with tracks in the forest and in the mountains for experienced sportsmen or families. Kiwipal advises you on bike routes and models for rent on site.

  • Mountain Bike

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Embark aboard a jet boat to explore canyons.

The Best Jetboat Tours in New Zealand.

The descent of river at 80 km / h in the canyons is a national sport impossible to miss. Kiwipal compares the top ten jet boat companies in New Zealand to help you make your choice.

  • Jetboat

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Airport formalities with biosecurity checks.

What Are the Formalities to Visit the Country?

In addition to customs, all travelers must submit to biosecurity controls. Discover all the formalities regarding passports, visas and other vaccines.

  • Formalities

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The Allblack team making the Haka before a game.

Attend a Rugby Match of the All Blacks.

Come and watch a legendary All Blacks match at Eden Park! Discover the Super Rugby with the best teams from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Argentina.

  • Rugby

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A couple enjoying paragliding in tandem in New Zealand.

The Best of Paragliding in New Zealand.

Come fly over the spectacular scenery you loved in the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit. The introduction to paragliding in tandem is within everyone's reach.

  • Paragliding

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A rafting trip in a cascade of Taupo.

The Best Rafting Excursions in New Zealand.

Even beginners can learn rafting and experience the rapids of New Zealand. Kiwipal presents this exciting activity and gives you practical tips.

  • Rafting

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Woman doing bungee jumping

Bungee Jumping, the Ultimate Challenge!

Will you dare to try this experience and live the greatest thrill of your life? Bungee jumping is a New Zealand specialty and you can jump into the void all over the country.

  • Bungee Jumping

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The highway code and driving left in New Zealand.

The Highway Code in New Zealand.

Driving on the left is not difficult in a country where traffic is low. Nevertheless, there are rules and regulations specific to the New Zealand Highway Code.

  • Transportation

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Ski in extraordinary landscapes in New Zealand.

The Guide of Ski Resorts in New Zealand.

New Zealand is also a paradise for winter sports fans! Some resorts like Cardrona, Treble Cone or The Remarkables offer breathtaking panoramas.

  • Ski

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Young people taking a surfing lesson.

Learning to Surf in New Zealand.

With 6000 km of deserted beaches, New Zealand is perfect for surfing. The instructors are committed to making you stand on a surfboard in less than three hours.

  • Surf

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Come diving on wreck.

Your First Dive in New Zealand.

Live your dive baptism by discovering underwater caves in the company of an experienced guide. Explore the wrecks of old warships turned into artificial reefs!

  • Diving

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Driving in New Zealand

Car or Motorhome Rental in New Zealand?

Before choosing between car and motorhome, remember that you'll have to drive on the left side of the road in New Zealand. We'll compare the advantages and disadvantages of each means of transport.

  • Transportation

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